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Nowadays, the ebike is very popular for us. Riding an electric bike is a piece of cake, even easier than a conventional bicycle. They’re more fun because you get to enjoy all the benefits of riding with minimal strain on your body. E-Bikes let you travel faster over longer distances. They help you tackle steep hills and rough terrains better than regular bikes.

Angle Cycle started to do carbon fiber ebike frame since 2017. Our first ebike frame is carbon hardtail MTB frame with Bosch CX motor. And then we started to do carbon ebike frame with Shimano, Bafang, Yamaha, TQ for hardtail and suspension MTB bike frame.

And then we use Fazua motor kit for gravel and MTB bike frame for EU customers. We have FSA motor system for road bike frame too.

Many customers do customized mould with us. All ebike frame will do rolling test with our designed test machine. This machine will tell the weakness of the frame. Because it imitate the real riding.

Please check our open moulds. If you have needs for ebike frame, please talk to us, we are one of the best electric bike frame manufacturers in China. We can draw the file, open the mould, arrange production and do customized painting for you.   

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Angle is specialized in carbon fiber bike frame and carbon ebike frame design, production and painting. 

Contact: Steven Yang
Tel: 0086 138 2376 4672
Address: Qiuchang County, Huizhou City, Guangdong ,China
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