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Inventory and Preparing for a Bicycle Tour with Electric Bikes

Electric bike is the best alternative to the heavily polluting and expensive 2-wheelers that most bikers tend to gravitate towards. With a little planning, an electric bicycle can be the ideal companion on a cross-country tour. You can get affordable travel means with the hero bike price and some careful planning can set you up for the tour nicely. Before the trip Planning your tour based on the capabilities of your bicycle can help you set up contingencies for when youre in trouble. The battery charge on your e-bike is limited which means you can only go so far by pedaling. When youre planning your trip, make sure you gauge the maximum distance you can reach on your trip and carry your supplies accordingly. Different bikes depending on their features and pricing come with varying battery packs and some models can easily take you up to 40-50 Km per charge with pedal assist. If you carry spare battery packs, you can switch them out and get up to 100 Km per charge with proper rationing between pedaling and assist mode. Your toolkit is important for a bicycle tour and it can help you fix issues like a flat tire or non-responsive brake lines and slipped chain. You can easily find quick repair guides to help you learn how to fix minor bike issues on the road. You can buy electric bike that comes with a luggage space for your toolkit and supplies like food and clothes. On the trip You cant plan for everything, but you can still make do with what you get on the road. Studying a detailed roadmap can help you out in a tight spot. The challenge is to find charging points on the road to bring your battery back up to speed for the pedal assist. The best options are to do it at restaurants where you stop for meals and at every rest stop you encounter with a spent battery. Some gas stations can also hook you up with charging support. Rationing your battery charge can help you cover longer distances and this is hard to plan before setting out. For uphill roads that are a little steep for your legs, the battery will come in handy and if youre biking on mountains, it is best to save the charge for these sections. Using your battery on a downhill is wastage and youre better off letting gravity take over. Having a map on your phone or on paper that points out all the rest stops and roadside motels where you can rest for the night or recharge your battery is important to have on the trip. This can help you ration your battery based on charging points , and find a mechanic in a jiffy. An electric bike is the best alternative to the heavily polluting and expensive two wheelers that most bikers tend to gravitate towards. You can still plan a fun tour on an e-bike that takes you cross country even over long distances.

Inventory and Preparing for a Bicycle Tour with Electric Bikes 1

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