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How to Maintain the Best Condition of Electric Bike Batteries in the next Few Years

Many office workers now choose to ride electric bicycles to get off work, which is flexible and does not get stuck in traffic. You have already seen the saying about how far a bicycle can be traveled on a single charge. But what factors can shorten the deadline? And how to keep the battery in the best condition in the next few years?chargingElectric bicycle batteries and their charging methods vary from brand to brand. However, the same best practices can extend the life and life of any electric bicycle battery.

How to Maintain the Best Condition of Electric Bike Batteries in the next Few Years 1

When inserting the battery before the next ride, avoid charging it to 100%. Lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time. The longer they stay charged to a higher voltage, the degradation will occur. In addition, if you do not plan to ride an electric bicycle for a long time, please avoid fully charging the battery.However, every few weeks, the battery should be fully charged to balance the battery power. This can increase the overall capacity of the battery for a longer period of time. You can think of it as building muscles, so it does not become weak. Since not all electric bicycles have the same battery or charger, you should consult the bicycle's manual for correct charging instructions.Just as you should only fully charge the battery every few weeks, dont discharge the battery all the time. It is recommended that you charge the battery between 30% and 60% of the remaining power.

Bicycle maintenanceRegardless of whether it is an electric bicycle, regular maintenance is required to ensure that all moving parts are in a cutting-edge state. If you perform some basic tasks to maintain the good performance of the electric bike, then the battery does not have to struggle to make you go further.Before each ride, check to make sure that the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure level indicated on the side. Under-inflated tires will require your motor to work harder and consume battery power faster. In the maintenance kit of each rider, a high-quality bicycle pump with a pressure gauge and some bicycle oil should be added to the bicycle.

Once every few weeks, you should clean and lubricate the bicycle chain. Apply some degreaser to the rag to wipe off all dust and dirt. Once it dries, put a few drops of bicycle oil on the entire chain. Wipe off excess oil to avoid excessive lubrication.You should take your bicycle to the repair shop for repairs at least once a year. In fact, its not a bad idea to get to know the employees of the local bike shop. They will be helpful and will appreciate your business.Pedal assist

Now that you are ready to travel, how far you can go depends on the amount of motor you use. Many electric bicycles have different degrees of pedal assist and throttle. If you tend to use the throttle frequently or keep assistive devices in a higher position, the battery will drain faster.The hills are another major drain on the battery. The more you ride uphill, the harder the motor must work to help you reach the highest level. When planning a longer itinerary, please consider the altitude to determine if there is enough toll for you to return.Regenerative braking

How to Maintain the Best Condition of Electric Bike Batteries in the next Few Years 2

Many electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, have so-called "regenerative braking." This means that when you slow down or stop, the electric motor uses kinetic energy to charge the battery. This may come in handy when you are riding downhill and want to get a little reward for your efforts.Battery indicatorIt is easy to forget this, but the battery indicator cannot indicate the remaining time or distance remaining on the battery. In fact, this is an indication of the state of charge of the battery.

When the battery is fully charged, the battery efficiency is the highest. After more and more use, the voltage begins to drop with the performance of the battery. This may translate to your riding style at lower acceleration or overall speed, depending on the bike.As the bars on the battery indicator begin to fall, they will fall faster and faster. Therefore, before deciding to turn around, do not wait until the indicator shows that the battery is half exhausted.Riding an electric bike is fun, it can take you farther than you expect. As long as you charge the battery correctly and fully understand how cycling affects charging, you can avoid being trapped in a long-distance home and using a broken battery to drive an electric bicycle.

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