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How Dare You. What a Sh*t Man You Are: Chase for Stolen Bike

A dash cam owner helped a woman chase down her electric bike when it was stolen. Video: Dash Cam Owners AustraliaCan you please hurry, the woman appeals to the good Samaritan motorist. Picture: Dash cam footage of woman flagging down motorist. Picture: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners AustraliaSource:FacebookA QUICK-THINKING motorist has driven to the rescue of a distressed woman, and captured a remarkable chase on his Dashcam as they hunt down her stolen electric bike.In a comment accompanying video uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, an unassuming male driver who signs off as Sio outlined how he helped the woman get her electric bike back after it was snatched on Wednesday afternoon.The footage beings with Sio turning his car into a street, and a woman dressed in black running onto the street, frantically flagging him down.I had seen a guy riding a bike quite erratically and too fast for the footpath and kerb and then when I turned onto my street saw a woman super distressed, he wrote.Worked out that it was her bike and then we chased him down together.Its a pretty tame explanation of what happened during the chase, which lasts almost three minutes.The distressed woman appears on the street, flagging down the motorist. Picture: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners AustraliaSource:FacebookIs that yours?, Sio asks the woman as he rolls to a stop.Yes, yes, cries the woman.Yes, come in, he says, telling her to get in the car.Can you please hurry up, the clearly distressed woman says.I saw him, Sio reassures her.A quick U-turn, and theyre off in pursuit, although theres no sign of the man on the bike.The woman, frantic and out of breath, yells out to passers-by by at each intersection, asking have they seen a man on a bike with a baby seat.The only time Sio seems slightly perturbed is when he asks if the baby seat on the back of the bike contains an actual baby. Reassured it doesnt, the chase continues.Eventually the bike comes into view.There he is, says Sio, as the woman says yes, we got him, we got him.The car swings into a driveway and the womans anger bubbles over as the man on the electric bike swerves briefly into view. He disappears from the dash cam footage, but not from the womans clutches.As the car swings into a driveway, a man on the electric bike comes briefly into camera range. Picture: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners AustraliaSource:FacebookShe and Sio are out of the car, the woman rounding on the man with the bike.From that point the repossession of the bike cant be seen on the footage, but audio tells the story.How dare you? How dare you? the woman yells. Leave the bike. How dare you?A males voice replies: I was going to return it anyway.What a sh*t man you are, the woman can be heard saying in disgust.Sios post says when the man was confronted, he gave the bike back immediately.She said thank you to me and rode off, no contact details were exchanged, havent gone to the police, he wrote.

How Dare You. What a Sh*t Man You Are: Chase for Stolen Bike 1

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